General and Laparoscopic Surgery

The General Surgery department at Pragma provides surgical treatments for a wide range of conditions, from appendicitis to hernias. We are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced surgeons to provide exceptional care.


Our comprehensive services include:

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At Pragma Hospitals, our top-notch general surgeon in Vanasthalipuram is committed to prioritizing your well-being, providing advanced surgical solutions for a smooth and efficient recovery. We offer a range of specialized surgeries, including:

With our skilled surgeon and state-of-the-art facilities, you can trust us to deliver positive outcomes for your surgical needs.


At Pragma Hospitals, we take pride in our team of the best general surgeons in Vanasthalipuram, ensuring exceptional results through the use of cutting-edge surgical tools and technology. Our skilled surgeons perform a wide range of procedures, from simple cyst removal to complex life-saving surgeries.

With a focus on advanced haemorrhoidal surgery, gastric bypass, bariatric surgery, gall bladder surgery, hernia repair, diagnostic laparoscopy, and general surgery, including cyst removal, our facility is at the forefront of surgical excellence.

We have successfully conducted one of India’s first gall stone surgeries on a patient with “Situs Inversus,” showcasing our commitment to pioneering surgical advancements.

Additionally, our team specializes in treating patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension, a unique focus area that sets us apart from other medical centers. We carry out procedures for conditions like hernias (inguinal, umbilical), bleeding piles, and gall bladder stones even for patients with these challenging health conditions.

Our dedication to skill, innovation, and patient care makes Pragma Hospitals the preferred choice for general and laparoscopic surgeries, earning the trust and confidence of referring physicians and patients alike.

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