At Pragma Hospitals, patients get complete care for a range of urological diseases. In addition to other services, as the leading Urology Hospital in Vanasthalipuram, our cutting-edge facilities are experts in urology, uro-oncology, robotic surgery, kidney transplantation, and laparoscopic andrology.

As the top urology hospital in Vanasthalipuram, we use the most recent developments in medicine to provide the highest clinical governance standards and patient-centred care.

Laparoscopic urological surgery, kidney transplants for people with ABO compatibility, renal transplants, reconstructive urological surgery, and laser urological procedures are just a few of our top services. Additionally, to undertake extremely complex urological treatments like radical cystectomy, radical prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, etc., we have installed the user-friendly surgical system.

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best urologist in Vanasthalipuram

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The number of cases of kidney, prostate, and bladder cancer worldwide has increased in recent times. Even if you may only have kidney stones to blame for your lower abdominal pain, it is always advisable to see a reputable urology hospital in Bangalore to rule out any other dangerous conditions. At the team of best urologist in Vanasthalipuram, Pragma Hospitals does the best urology treatment.

There are many crucial areas of urology; therefore you should locate the best urologist in Vanasthalipuram to ensure your continued safety and wellness.

  • Trained Doctors

The best human and technological resources can be devoted to the sick patients thanks to the existence of a dedicated department for urological services. The doctors go above and beyond what is required of them to guarantee that you return home in good health. They are well educated and have years of experience treating patients.

  • Imported cutting-edge equipment

We import our LASER and other machinery from Germany so that our patients receive uncompromised care and treatment. LASER technology has earned a lot of popularity for its precision to perform complex treatments. We have made investments in creating an infrastructure that is necessary to deliver top-notch healthcare locally. Additionally, the hospital has the cutting-edge FLEXI URS SYSTEM RIRS for any type of kidney stone in any location of the body. Undergoing treatment conducted by the best urologist in Vanstalipuram will give you the best result.

Different Urology Conditions

Regardless of age or gender, a person might develop a variety of urological problems and diseases. The following is a list of some of the most prevalent urological conditions:

Infections of the urinary tract (UTIs)

UTIs, which are brought on by harmful bacteria or viruses, cause a constant need to urinate as well as a burning feeling when urinating. Other signs include weariness, hazy urine, and pain in the female pelvis. Compared to men, women are more likely to have urinary tract infections.

Kidney Stones

These are chemicals like calcium, oxalates, and uric acid crystals that have crystallised and accumulated over time to create tiny kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause a person to have significant lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, and nausea.

Prostatic Hyperplasia in Men (BPH)

This male urological disorder, often known as prostate hypertrophy, affects the prostate area. The prostate gland enlarges, which causes a number of problems such urinary tract infections and bladder stones. Its warning signs and symptoms include frequent urine problems, bladder control issues, weak stream, and nocturia.

Bladder Cancer

It alludes to cancer that develops from bladder tissues. Inside the organ, the cells expand out of control and become tumours. Urine that contains blood is the most typical sign of bladder cancer. Others include urination pain, an urgent need to urinate, and an increase in urination frequency.

Best urologist in Vanasthalipuram

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You will get the best urology treatment you need at Pragma Hospitals, the leading urology hospital in Vanasthalipuram at low prices, and what’s even better is that the physicians don’t order pointless tests or medications so that customers will have to pay more. This is supported by the numerous glowing testimonials from satisfied patients who have named us the top urology facility in Hyderabad.

Please feel free to contact us right away if you’re interested in taking advantage of any of our urological services. Our medical staff will do all possible to provide you with the care you deserve.