Pragma Hospitals as a surgical oncology hospital in Vanasthalipuram provides surgical treatment and management of cancerous tumors in the human body. An entire department of skilled surgical oncologists performs extensive surgeries in our hospital with great care and precision. There are numerous methods, including thoracoscopic surgery, cryosurgery, and electrosurgery. Patients can have complete confidence in the surgical oncology specialty of our hospital despite the considerable risks involved in biopsies and surgery to remove malignant growths.

What role does surgical oncology play in the management of cancer?

The surgical therapy of cancer, benign tumors, and other disorders affecting the breast, skin, endocrine system, and gastrointestinal tract is the focus of surgical oncology, which is a highly specialized area of cancer care.

Surgical Oncology Hospital In Vanasthalipuram

In case the disease/tumor is localized to a single area and has not progressed to other body parts, surgery to remove the tumor or cancer is typically a vital part of the comprehensive treatment plan. Surgery is frequently followed by or combined with additional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy. Depending on the type and stage of the cancer, surgery can aid in the treatment in a variety of ways. Debulking refers to the process of using surgery to remove either the complete tumor or a portion of it. It aids in avoiding a tumor from endangering the body or an organ. It may occasionally be used to lessen cancer symptoms.

When would one require surgical oncology?

In order to diagnose, treat, and prevent cancer, surgical oncology is helpful. When a certain disease has the potential to develop into a condition that is like cancer, a surgeon may advise surgery. When the affected body part is in the precancerous stage, this occurs. In order to stop the growth of cancer, the surgeon would remove the entire tissue or a portion of it. For instance, women with ovarian or breast cancer in their families often have surgery before the disease manifests. A biopsy is performed by a surgeon to extract a sample of the tumor and examine it under a microscope when the surgeon notices the growth of a tumor or any indications of a tumor.

Surgical Treatments and procedures as part of surgical oncology

A wide spectrum of cancer procedures is offered by our surgical and interventional oncology team, from major resections with potential reconstructive surgery to Mediport insertions for chemotherapy infusions. We also have a highly aggressive stance when it comes to eliminating cancer as soon as it is discovered. For precancerous GI lesions, our GI team conducts endoscopic resection/ablation before cancer cells may cause harm. We provide cutting-edge therapeutic approaches including intraperitoneal chemotherapy, which combines surgically removing any visible tumors with administering chemotherapy directly to the site of the tumor to eradicate any residual cancer cells. Pragma Hospitals offers cutting-edge therapies like SIR-Spheres Y-90, which delivers radiation therapy directly to tumors, in collaboration with our interventional radiology experts.

Best surgical oncologist in Vanasthalipuram

best surgical oncologist in Vanasthalipuram

Best surgical oncologist in Vanasthalipuram providing overall care

The entire cancer treatment process provided by our best surgical oncologist in Vanasthalipuram is at the core of our oncologist’s responsibilities. The Pragma Hospitals oncologist begins with the diagnosis and then performs the following duties:

  • Describing the patient’s cancer diagnosis, including the stage, to them.
  • Informing about the possible therapy choices
  • Keeping the patient at ease by providing high-quality treatment
  • Assisting the patient in managing cancer side effects and symptoms as best they can.
  • Keeping in touch with patients even after therapy.

You should anticipate the initial session with an oncologist at the surgical Oncology Hospital in Vanasthalipuram. During this initial visit, the oncologist may request further tests based on your symptoms in order to have a better understanding of your situation. A CT scan, x-rays, blood tests, MRIs, ultrasounds, and biopsies may be required.