Get the Respiratory and Chest Disease Treatment at the Best Pulmonology Hospital in Vanasthalipuram

Pulmonology focuses on respiratory illnesses. There are different categories including a wide variety of ailments, including bronchitis, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), etc. Primary care physicians can manage mild, transient diseases; however, more severe, complex lung disorders call for a specialist’s care. At Pragma Hospital, the Best Pulmonology hospital in Vanasthalipuram, you will get the best treatment under the state-of-the art facilities.

Our pulmonologists are among the most skilled and have a track record of solving hard cases related to pulmonology, including subspecialties like Interventional Pulmonology, which is quite rare in India. To identify and treat patients with chest and respiratory issues, they employ the most sophisticated methods and technology now accessible. This is what makes Pragma Hospitals, the best pulmonology hospital in Vanasthalipuram.

Pulmonology Hospital In Vanasthalipuram
best pulmonologist in Vanasthalipuram

One-Stop Solution at the Best Pulmonologist in Vanasthalipuram

Being the best pulmonologist in Vanasthalipuram, the department at Pragma Hospital has an endobronchial ultrasound machine helping to locate aberrant lymph nodes and mediastina tumours. The kind, amount, and staging of the tumour can be determined within hours after the procedure, even with local anaesthesia, allowing for the initiation of rapid treatment. As the Medical Thoracoscopy performed here is capable of identifying pleural illnesses and also aids the pulmonologist in breaking up dense pockets of empyema, patients with pleural effusions can seek a one-stop treatment. In addition to helping patients with advanced lung cancer who require airway stenting and achieving an open airway, rigid bronchoscopy aids pulmonologists in treating life-threatening lung haemorrhage.

Best pulmonologists in Vanasthalipuram

Why Pragma Hospitals?

Our best pulmonologists in Vanasthalipuram collaborate with specialists from various fields, including oncology, cardiology, nephrology, and rheumatology, as part of their multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Our specialists diagnose and treat adult and paediatric patients using different techniques including flexible bronchoscopy, airway stenting, linear and radial EBUS, and others with the use of cutting-edge technology and a next-generation respiratory critical care unit.

Our renowned pulmonologists successfully carry out challenging airway interventions, provide diagnostic and therapeutic operations, quickly stage cancer with EBUS, install spigots for BPF closures, and take cryolung biopsies for interstitial lung illnesses.

Different Conditions Treated under Pulmonology:

  • Loss of breath, persistent coughing, or pain are some of the symptoms of asthma.
  • Chronic cough, bloody mucus spitting, and lung inflammation are all symptoms of bronchiectasis.
  • A long-term respiratory condition that affects the lungs’ alveoli, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) impacts these air sacs.
  • Breathlessness and a dry cough are symptoms of interstitial lung disease, which causes the alveoli to scar (air sacs).

Tests under Pulmonology at Pragma Hospitals

There are different tests undertaken for pulmonology at Pragma Hospitals-

  • Pulmonary Function Test

    – This is the breathing test helping to measure how well your lungs are functioning. It evaluates how well your lungs can provide oxygen to your body’s other organs.

  • Pulse Oximetry Test

    – The pulse Oximetry test examines your blood’s oxygen saturation level, lung volume, and airflow.

  • Thoracentesis-

    A diagnostic procedure called a Thoracentesis is used to remove fluid from the area around the lungs.

  • Bronchoscopy

    A bronchoscopy is a laparoscopic lung examination. A monitor is used to see the interior of the lungs.

  • Lobectomy –

    The process is conducted to remove the portion of a diseased lung usually one or two lobes of a lung, to treat lung cancer.

  • Chest fluoroscopy:

    An X-ray examination to check the health of your lungs and other organs.

  • Chest Ultrasound

    Examines the internal organs and structural makeup of the chest using ultrasonic technology.

  • Pleural Biopsy-

    In order to test for infections, cancer, or any other illness, a small piece of the pleura is removed with a needle during a pleural biopsy.

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