Pragma Hospitals offers the best general medicine in vanasthalipuram. Every service is provided with the patient’s complete well-being in mind. Expert physicians, nurses, dieticians, and physiotherapists make up our team. Our facility has cutting-edge technology and excellent diagnostic capabilities.

Out of all the doctors in general medicine in vanasthalipuram, our specialists are the best when it comes to general medicine. They are skilled in treating all medical issues with a focus on the patient.The main aim of treating lifestyle disorders including diabetes, hypertension, and heart issues is prevention and mitigation because they can get worse quickly if not treated on time. We offer healthcare for conditions including kidney diseases, thyroid disease that include both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid and other conditions that call for a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.

General medicine in vanstalipuram

The main objective that directs our doctors is to listen to patients’ difficulties to elicit a good clinical history and conduct a complete clinical examination to provide a comprehensive solution to their problems.


The most prevalent disease among the general population is fever. Fever symptoms include a high body temperature, exhaustion, and sporadic headaches. Fever is a common illness that arises when the body temperature rises over the usual range (36–37°C).

The patient may have chills while their fever is still there if he or she has a temperature that rises above normal levels. Temperature can also be influenced by things like dietary choices, sleeping patterns, the time of day, and personal characteristics. Fever happens when the immune system of the body encounters a foreign body.


Asthma has an impact on the lungs’ airways due to swelling. The lungs enlarge and produce more mucus, which makes breathing difficult. There is constant coughing and wheezing.

Due to allergies to specific substances as dust, pollen, allergens, humid air, etc., some people get asthma. Inflammation and swelling of the respiratory tracts occur when the body is subjected to an excessive amount of contaminated air through physical exertion.


It is a typical cardiovascular condition that arises from elevated blood pressure. People gradually develop this perfectly normal ailment as they age.

Thyroid problems

The body’s regular metabolic process is disturbed by abnormal thyroid hormone production. The two common thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism can cause symptoms like weight gain or loss, lethargy, and even malignancy.

Liver disorders

An essential organ that aids in the body’s digestion process is the liver. The liver may get damaged due to a variety of causes, including medicines, genetics, infections, and alcoholism.

Heart conditions

A heart that receives an inadequate amount of nourishment and oxygen may suffer permanent damage. Heart attacks or heart failure can be brought on by additional conditions such obesity, hypertension, smoking, and diabetes.


Upper respiratory infection or influenza are the outcomes of severe pulmonary inflammation brought on by bacteria, viruses, or other organisms. The typical symptoms include a cough, fever, chest pain, chills, and shortness of breath.


Migraine headaches are characterized by severe, localized pain that comes in bursts and flashes of powerful pulses in the head. Extreme sensitivity, nausea, and a feeling of vomiting are additions symptoms of migraine.


Infecting the respiratory system, influenza is an infectious illness. It is a viral disease with symptoms like fever, headache, dry cough, sore throat, muscle discomfort, exhaustion, and stomachache.

General physician in vanstalipuram

General physician in vanasthalipuram

Pragma hospitals general physician in vanasthalipuram also treat infections that are transmitted through water, air, and other vectors. Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and other viral fevers are all treated by our general physicians in the best and shortest way possible. Physical examinations and vaccinations are just two examples of routine medical treatments that are handled by our skilled doctors. The following diseases are treated by our general physician in vanasthalipuram.