Gastroenterology Hospital in Vanasthalipuram- Get Your Digestive System Perfect

The whole digestive system, including the oesophagus, stomach, intestines, colon, pancreas, gall bladder, and anus, fall under the gastroenterology. In usual cases, our organs get affected due to various illnesses we fall into. Pragma Hospitals, the leading Gastroenterology hospital in Vanasthalipuram has world-class gastroenterologists who excel in this field.

You will receive the best assistance for your difficult gastrointestinal problems from their top-notch internal staff, which consists of critical care doctors, interventional radiologists, and other medical professionals. With Pragma Hospital, you will receive the best tools and processes to ensure that your treatment and diagnostic proceed well.

Gastroenterology Hospital In Vanasthalipuram
best gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram

The hospital has been the top options among those are looking for the best gastroenterology hospital in Vanasthalipuram. Surgeons use in-house tool including 16 channel high-resolution monomeric systems, endoscopic ultrasound, and PH manometer. They are regarded as Hyderabad’s top gastroenterology hospital for this reason.

Treatments by the Best Gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram

Pragma Hospitals, the best gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram conduct different types of treatments. Mentioned below are two important ones-

Best gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram

Endoscopic Ultrasound

It is the most effective and minimal invasive test conducted to identify gastrointestinal disorders. A specialised endoscope is used during the surgery to obtain precise images of the pancreas, liver, chest, and digestive tract utilising high-frequency sound waves. The procedure helps to identify gastrointestinal problems.

Minimally invasive surgery for Acute Pancreatitis

A sudden pancreatic inflammation leads to acute pancreatitis.  The main causes of acute pancreatitis are gallstones and binge drinking, which result in excruciating abdominal discomfort. If complications such an infection, a cyst, or bleeding develop, surgery can be required.


Manometry can detect issues with oesophageal pressure and movement. Manometry assesses the oesophageal muscles’ strength and coordination during swallowing.

What makes Pragma Hospitals the Best Gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram?

Pragma Hospitals have the best doctors to help you in treating with liver failure, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and GI cancers. In reality, they’ve successfully assisted a number of individuals who needed liver transplants as well as other treatments like therapy for gallstones, liver resection, and other things. They always have the best technologies available to assist you achieve your goals. They have the highest abilities and standards to guarantee that you always receive the best answers!

Among the medical interventions available are:

  • They will assist you with anorectal function testing, which only evaluates constipation and faecal incontinence.
  • You can also get clinical nutrition treatment from them. This treatment will only focus on malnutrition brought on by gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Additionally, you can get both therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopic services here. It consists of endoscopic treatment for gastrointestinal bleeding, biliary stents, and enteral stents.
  • Additionally, they can assist you with pancreas diseases. They have professionals who can assist you whether you suffer from adult cystic fibrosis, hereditary pancreatitis, autoimmune pancreatitis, or acute or chronic pancreatitis.

Meet the Best Gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram

The vast array of gastroenterologists at Pragma Hospitals and their exceptional level of expertise enable patients to get cutting-edge procedures and practises. The department of gastrointestinal surgery at Pragma Hospitals offers multidisciplinary care that is unmatched for all digestive tract and liver issues, including robotic surgery, minimally invasive endoscopy, and other procedures.

Being the best gastroenterologist in Vanasthalipuram, they have the top professionals to make your experience exceptional and aid in your speedy recovery. You may always rely on them and take advantage of the best resources that will hasten your recovery. Their experts are constantly there to provide you with high-quality service! Make an appointment with them right away!