Get the Right Treatment at the Best Paediatric Hospital in Vanasthalipuram

Every child is bound to get special care for a better upbringing.  Parents have the major responsibility to give them the right environment to grow up. When it comes to children’s health, Pragma Hospitals, being the best paediatric hospital in Vanasthalipuram adheres to the same where they offer holistic paediatric healthcare services helping parents to have a peaceful life.

The child specialty hospital is dedicated to offering them with compassionate care that is both safe in all areas. The best paediatric specialists, paediatricians, paediatric intensive care doctors, and nurses are employed by the best paediatric hospital in Vanasthalipuram, and they work around the clock while following evidence-based treatment recommendations that are approached from several disciplines.

Best Paediatric Hospital In Vanasthalipuram
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Multiple Service by the Best Paediatric Surgeon in Vanasthalipuram

Pragma Hospitals has the best paediatric surgeon in Vanstalipuram, and provides a wide range of services for kids and teenagers, including paediatric emergency and intensive care, neonatal intensive care, paediatric neurology and child development clinics, paediatric immunology and rheumatology services, paediatric haematology, paediatric herpetology, and paediatric gastroenterology.

This is arguably Hyderabad’s largest paediatric department, providing all-encompassing treatment for kids and assisting them in realising their full potential. Aster CMI Hospital’s paediatric emergency room is well-equipped with all the necessary resuscitation tools (24 X 7).

Best paediatric surgeon in Vanasthalipuram

Children and new-borns who require intensive care monitoring, treatment of children who are medically unstable patients, who require mechanical ventilation, and those who require single or multi-organ support are treated in advanced critical care, which has a specialised Level 3 PICU and NICU. For surgical procedures, medical crises, and prearranged admissions, postoperative care is provided.

The best paediatric hospital in Vanasthalipuram operate using the best equipment, which also employs support workers that are available around-the-clock. To avoid any chance of cross-infection, the Infection Control Department keeps monitoring the child patient. Modern diagnostic, investigation, and treatment facilities are available, and PICU and NICU adhere to internationally recognised treatment procedures. These facilities have special characteristics including ECMO and inhaled nitric oxide.

Connect with the Best Paediatrics at Pragma Hospitals

Pragma Hospitals can adopt the best paediatric surgeon in Vanasthalipuram to enhance the healthcare of new-borns, kids, and teenagers thanks to their renowned expertise, cutting-edge technology, and scientifically supported treatment methods. In addition to paediatric specialists, the family-friendly environment at Pragma Hospitals features devoted paediatric nurses who care for children and have been acknowledged for their nursing expertise.

In addition to having top-notch medical knowledge, what has made this facility the go-to place for children from all over the country and the world for tertiary care is the compassion of its doctors, nurses, and staff.

Different Paediatrics Services

  • Acute and Critical Care Paediatrics
  • Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Unit for Thalassemia
  • Paediatric Accident, Trauma & Emergency
  • Paediatric Intensive Care
  • Neonatal Intensive Care & New Born Services

Why Choose Pragma Hospitals for Paediatrics?

Concerns towards children’s health and fitness are vital for parents everywhere, not just in India. The way kids live and develop has significantly changed as a result of technology and other revolutionary advances. It goes without saying that these changes have a significant negative influence on people’s health and well-being.

However, throughout the past few decades, the fields of child care and paediatrics have experienced tremendous expansion. With its unwavering dedication to the well-being of children, paediatrics at Pragma Hospitals is the best in the medical industry. Pragma Hospitals take pride in offering the most dependable childcare service. We assist you with dealing with medical emergencies at any time of day thanks to our 24-7 senior consultant coverage. Since it is our honour and top priority to be entrusted with your child’s health care, we ensure that you never struggle to get your child medical care regardless of the time or day.